The Silk Process

We start with white silk from China. The silk is washed and then stretched on stretcher bars.  Now we draw an image with a water-based resist.  Once the image is drawn and dry, we paint with dye.  The dye flows silkily to the edges of the resist.  Shading and many other techniques can be added.  I often work calligraphy/lettering into the design. Each silk is steamed for three hours to set the dyes. It is now wearable and washable.

This is an exemplar of gold resist which was hand drawn to capture the dragon.

In the year 2008 I decided to devote my art to silk painting.  I had dabbled in this art here and there, and was slowly gathering the supplies I wanted, but I decided to get serious about it and really experiment and learn.  I will be showing many of my silk pieces; some are in new homes, some are still with me.  Let me know if any interest you.


Fire Dragons are steamed and meet and create a lovely silk to wear or hang.