Jill’s Quills has been my Calligraphy business for over thirty years. I have studied with many well-known calligraphers including Reggie Ezell, Peter Thornton, Charles Pearce, and many more. I have gone to 25 International Conferences for Calligraphy, attended many workshops, clinics, and classes. Calligraphy was my first love and I have added it to my silk painting repertoire. Additionally I am also an excellent instructor. I have private classes in my studio, and teach through the Colorado Calligraphers’ Guild. Soon I will be offering classes in Pointed Pen Variations.  I teach ITALIC, COPPERPLATE, BOOKHAND, UNCIAL, AND GOTHIC VARIATIONS. Some of my favorite subjects are  PASTE PAPER PAINTING which are the colorful backgrounds, BOOKS, CARDS, AND COLORED PENCIL ART. GIVE ME A CALL; IT’S TIME TO PLAY.